Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need your services?

If you have an old electronic tax file that you need to read and print but don't have the software from that year anymore, we can recover it for you. Even if you have this year's software, it is not going to load or convert the old file in the proper forms so you won't be able to print them.

How fast will I get my file back?

Though we can't guarantee it, in the vast majority of cases we recover and convert tax forms to printable PDF files within two business days. Some email address providers such as an, or Comcast seem unfriendly to our emails and sometimes filter them out. If you intended on using one of those addresses, using an alternate such as Gmail would get your file to you much more quickly.

How much does it cost?

$44.95 per federal file, $79.95 per state file.

Who are you and where are you located?

We're a small firm based in Vermont. You can reach us at:

1708 Tucker Hill Road

Thetford Center, VT 05075


We had the need for printing out old tax files ourselves, so we thought others would as well. We launched this service in 2006.

Do you support all software?

We support most PC and Mac tax preparation software created since 1996. We've found not to be able to open for technical reasons are TurboTax 1997 for the PC and TurboTax 1999. TurboTax 1998 and 2002 will only print the tax summary.

If you are wondering which file to send over, you will probably find your data file ends with a .tax or a .T05 type suffix. In the case of the latter file time, the ending number may differ, depending on the filing year of the tax file.

What if you can't read my file?

We'll fully refund you.

How safe is it to order from you?

As safe as our payment processor Paypal, a subsidiary of eBay. That's pretty safe, considering they've been around for a while and handle billions of dollars of transactions every year.

What if my file was deleted or corrupted?

We can only work with valid files.

Anyone praising you besides yourself?

Among others, Lifehacker thought we were providing a useful service.

What do you do with tax files once you have processed them?

Once we've sent their files to our customers, we delete them from our PCs. In fact, if you require us to re-send your returns for any reason, we will require your original return, as we will have to reproduce it.

I like long and boring prose, do you have legal terms of service for me?

Sure, knock yourself out.

I don't think your service is worth the price you're asking

Was that a question? If you value your time at all, you'll find TaxPrinter to be easily the cheapest option around.

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